How marketing is helping companies navigate through the pandemic?

How marketing is helping companies navigate through the pandemic?

This unprecedented pandemic has brought chills in the market, petrifying chills. The gloominess of the market has persisted and destroyed everybody’s growth plans for 2020. 2021 started with the sun shining brighter, but it has started to set again, raising the dullness. The current lockdown rules and the ever-growing fear have led to people staying at home at all costs. 

We now have to think twice before spending our money; the situation has made us warier.  The overall business market has started to droop, which is why effective marketing strategies should be in place to uplift consumer sentiments. 

Let us get started and look at how you could save your business from this horrific storm. Sit tight; let us have a look at exciting but straightforward strategies. 

Why is marketing important, especially during the pandemic situation?

Shift Everything Online

The first thing to come to anyone’s mind when thinking about the current lockdowns and travel restrictions would be to shift your business online. Despite so much negativity, it is the perfect time to move your business online, the closest it can be to the customers. 

Irrespective of your business’s industry, there will always be parts of the business that can go online. The bottom line is that if your business is poised to survive and thrive in such a situation, it is crucial to use the web. This strategy will allow you to stay engaged with both your customers and your employees.

Digital marketing is exceptionally essential for brand recognition. One may say that it is not a good time to pour in money. Well, the bitter truth is, if you won’t, your business will go further down the drain. Due to companies cutting down on their budgets and spending, the CPM rates (cost paid per 1000 ad views) have dropped. You can take advantage of this experiment with different digital marketing avenues to suit your needs. 

Appreciate What You Already Have

While trying to expand your customer base with the intention of generating higher revenue levels, do not forget your roots. It is crucial to not panic and continue serving your existing customers. It is true when people say that it takes years to build up trust, but only a fraction of a second to break it down. Ensure that you continue to gain your customers’ trust by communicating with them. 

You must look out for your customers in these difficult times, offer them discounts and value propositions as they are going through a rough patch economically. If you show that you value them, they will thank you in one way or another. Just have some patience!

Having a spectacular product is important, but without brand recognition, it’s good for nothing. Establish a strong brand in the market and focus on gaining customer trust. While it is important to track the number of hits, it is essential to look at qualitative aspects too. You must concentrate on the impressions too. Conduct awareness campaigns or showcase the testimonials. 

Remember that you built up your business to serve your customers. Continue doing that. Whenever you provide a product or service, think of your customer as the CEO of the organization, you will ensure to put your best foot forward.

Fun Fact: 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your loyal customers 

Understand Your Audience

This isn’t the 1990s anymore. In this era, you cannot assume who your target customers are. You need to know exactly who they are—making assumptions about who your target customer will lead to the dampening of the growth of your brand. This is because your marketing strategies and the way you communicate with your customers will highlight a lack of understanding and clarity. 

Don’t sweat it out just yet; today’s digital world offers you with a plethora of options to be able to understand the target customers of your business well. It is not that difficult after all. You are only required to get access to a few tools such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console. 

These tools help you highlight who exactly is visiting your website and what they are looking for. This way, you can tap into the experiences of the customers and give them exactly what they are looking for. Such methods will definitely make your job easier. 

Once you get an overall picture of your customer base, you can devise marketing strategies that will cater directly towards increasing consumer satisfaction. Simple! Know your audience better, then give them what they want.

Now that we have got an overall gist of how to devise marketing strategies and things to keep in mind when doing so, let us look at a few strategies that you can pull off –

Experts On The Go:

Wouldn’t you want to attend an Economics class taught by Mr. Raghuram Rajan? Or imagine your drama teacher to be Ms. Deepika Padukone? 

Earlier, due to the conventional classroom model, teachers had to be present in the class, teaching their respective subjects. Now that there are no such limitations and since classes are being conducted online, you can hire the best of the best to take classes remotely, as per their convenience. Industry experts can be chosen to teach students.

This will have numerous benefits. The students will be encouraged to learn and will be inspired by the practical experiences their muses have had. Also, this will substantially enhance the brand image of your institution as you will have the best faculty. These famous personalities will bring in their fame, and the entire town (soon enough, nation) will be talking about your school.

Give Back With Innovative Ideas

The pandemic hit all the industries in some way or another. Many industries adopted their unique ways to survive through the turmoil. With online education shifting its course online to meet the lockdown guidelines, it has actually led to institutions relishing upon higher profits. This is because schools are saving up on overheads such as rent, electricity, maintenance costs, and so on.

It is time to give back to society to showcase humanity and stand by the nation and improve your brand image. You can develop strategies that can help the needy. One such approach could be providing one child free education per 20 paid admissions. This will help grow your corporate social responsibility achievements, along with the number of students admitted who are inspired by the way the institute is operating. 

Moreover, now is the time when you can actually leverage your brand’s social media presence through organic or paid content options. Brainstorm or allow us at Digiational to help and continue engaging and enticing your customers. You can host webinars and create exciting ways of learning. 

Forget the old-school textbook methods of learning; create fascinating flow charts or diagrams that will make learning ‘fun,’ especially at a time where people are suffering from boredom at home.

Don’t Give Up On Recreational Activities:

Of course, we all know that since schools and colleges are shut, students can no longer visit the enormous playgrounds and sports complexes. So what, should we just give up on physical education? Not at all! This will only cause detrimental effects on a student’s mental health. 

As an educational institution, you must uplift their spirits. So what should we do? Think of creative ideas that will not compromise a student’s physical health and have a monthly schedule full of activities that will keep them charged. You could have video yoga sessions or some dance classes organized by specialists and experts in the field. You can touch upon other areas: online karate training, fitness exercises, aerobics; the list is endless! 

Furthermore, we must not discount the mental health aspect here. With students having limited interaction with their peers, it is time to pivot your timetables. Each day, institutes must spare some time for organizing and conducting group activities such as quizzes, puzzles, or simulations. 

Educational institutions can even hire an in-house counselor or child psychologist who will aid the pupils to get past this grave situation we all are in swiftly.

Some people can crib that their business is in a deep swamp, whereas some can change their perception and take it as an opportunity to tweak the marketing strategies. 

We all are in the same boat. You can choose to jump in the sea or try to survive intelligently. If you can stand through this, you can stand through anything. Amidst so much negativity, let’s try to find your ray of optimism. Good luck, may you survive and thrive! If you feel overly stressed, look at how we can help you fill you up with hope and confidence.

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